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Remember Charlie DVD

Remember Charlie - The most influential DVD you will see this year

Charlie’s compelling story conveys in the most poignant way the lessons he learnt so painfully

Seldom will you have been confronted with the real consequences stemming from neglect of basic safety practice

Whatever industry, whatever trade or profession - the message this programme conveys is universal

Some of the world’s largest companies report a significant reduction in accidents after watching Remember Charlie

Most people have the same attitude towards safety that Charlie Morecroft had.  

Until that is, he was critically injured in an accident that resulted in burns to over 45% of his body

One man’s story and the price he and his family paid

for his neglect of basic safety practice at work.

DVD 1 - Charlie recalls his harrowing story to a live audience in the first presentation of this DVD Series

£499.00 + VAT + Delivery

Remember Charlie

DVD 2 - Charlie builds on the key safety messages from the first DVD “Remember Charlie”

£499.00 + VAT + Delivery

Safety - Everyone’s Responsibility

DVD 3 - Charlie in a live question and answer session on his experiences and the lessons learnt.  

£250.00 + VAT + Delivery

Charlie Answers the Tough Questions

European Official Distributor

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