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Medilectures is the brand name for our e-Learning production work in the medical education field. Broadcast Productions has a decade of experience in this area. What began as a consultancy agreement with Imperial College Medical School in 2004 was shortly followed by a commission to build some 30 online lectures hand-in-hand with their most experienced medical consultants. This quickly led to further commissions from UEA Medical School and Warwick University – filming clinical skills videos and producing interactive online content. 

Medilectures & The UKCCC

Medilectures partnered with the UKCCC to produce a Clinical Skills Communication Course that is now the benchmark for undergraduate medical students. The resource – comprising some 40 video clips – is being used by deaneries, post-graduate colleges and professional bodies around the world.

The online resource is broken-down into seven distinct chapters covering the various stages of the medical consultation process. Actors are used with real practitioners in unscripted, unrehearsed scenarios. The same actor, acting as a patient, presents to three different doctors, each time with exactly the same dilemma. The consultations are all filmed, then students are then asked to consider the differing approaches demonstrated in each consultation.

In addition to 95% of UK Medical Schools, we have supplied the following institutions with our courses:

  • Welsh Deanery for Post Graduate Medical Education
  • The Medicine Learning and Teaching Unit, The University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Monash University Gippsland Medical School, Australia
  • East of England Strategic Health Authority
  • The East Midlands Health Deanery
  • Melbourne Medical School
  • The University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Western Training Programme in GP, Galway, Ireland
  • University College of Northern Denmark
  • Yemen University  
  • Royal College of Physicians, Ireland – RCPI
  • Faculty of Medicine, University of Portugal