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NAB is the annual Vegas show for content creators. The event is a good barrometer of the production market, uncovering what’s in and what’s out. There was a time when everyone you met operated a drone company, (my IT expert went in to drones as did my plumber!) but the work wasn’t there, even CAA-approved training businesses like EuroUSC expanded too quickly and evaporated into thin air.

Last year the NAB halls were full of competing drone manufacturers, only two or three attended in in 2018.  We purchased DJI drones and remain committed to aerial videography as part of our production and training work.

Perhaps the same will happen to VR and 360 video – a highly specialised area of video production.  The industry hype is finally meeting the harsh reality that VR requires considerable expertise, investment and time. It is not quick buck territory. Luckily we are part of a consortium of experts producing 360 degrees Health and Safety training material, building content for construction and highways companies. We’ll soon have more examples to showcase. Dom